Propaganda  Due” is an endless work in progress: first “P2” performance (in 2004)was 8 minutes  long, last one( in march 2008)more than 16!
It’s about  voice and multilanguages, cabaret and politics. The piece of the action is  Italy and last 40 years of rising madness. It’s a cathartic cut-up..the only  allucinating way to tell the fuckin’truth.
Welcome to  a scatter-brained land.


“Calcio.Culi.Cazzate”                     Football. Cunts. Bullshit. Opium for all the ages.
“27-10-62…….2-8-80”                   1962,October 27th.When Enrico  Mattei died in an helicopter crash..
“First ever  terrorist act since the end of world war 2”(A.Fanfani)

1980,August  2nd.Bomb explosion in Bologna railway station:85 dead,218 wounded. A  right-wing/fascist milestone sponsored by Italian Secret Police..the beginning  of the end. Here comes the eighties..

Mameli’s  Italian anthem

Ennio’s  typical melody                   Morricone  therefore The Beauty.

Finchelabarcava  diplophony        Sick popular song performed  by O.Berti. The inevitable smart Italian.

Ammerikkka  blues                         Yankee  domination over so called Bel Paese.

Arabian  singin’                                 Islam is comin’.

“1-8-1-6”                                         S.Berlusconi’s  P2 admission number. Propaganda Due was(?) a very powerful secret organization  led by L.Gelli. The purpose: control the country with antidemocratic methods..

“1-8-1-9”  Melody : Canale 5 jingle     M.Costanzo’s  P2 admission number. Media guru.
Sheperds’  call                                 Italian  attitude..but is also Lil Sheep (pecorella)in   reference to G.Pecorella.

Outstanding  charachter in recent history: in early 70’s,close to left-wing, Piazza  Fontana’s victims lawyer. Later he became,at the second trial, D.Zorzi’s  counsel; the man accused of putting the bomb that day! Now, member of italian  Parliament and  S.Berlusconi’s legal  adviser..

“1-8-1-6” Melody:Forza Italia anthem     S.Berlusconi’s  political Party.

”In Italy television  will impose a new fascism on people”(P.P.Pasolini)

Throat  screaming                            A  raped nation. Shame and pain.

“I’-or!”  Sound: donkey braying      IOR aka Istituto Opere Religiose.  Vatican: the one and only Off- and On- Shore bank in the world. The place where  your soul is a credit card..

“Opus Dei”  Melody: gregorian chants like     The  Organization founded in Spain by J.Escrivà. Powerhouse in Vatican State since  Pope Wojtyla arrival.
“Papa papa papa” Melody:Abba’s ”Money”      No  comment.

“Arrivederci  Roma..”                     Popular song  performed by R.Rascel. Favourite P.Marcinkus canzone: American bishop, IOR  Secretary. Connected with Cosa Nostra,CIA and Banda Magliana, he was involved  in the greatest financial scandal of the eighties. The Banco Ambrosiano crack.  And,of course, R.Calvi’s death..

“..goodbye,auf  wiedersehen!”    Pope Ratzinger,  conservative and aggressive.

“Italie..”  Melody: “Brazil”mixed with diplophony.    Do you remember Terry Gilliam’s prophetic movie?

Diplophony.  Melody: F.Chopin’s “Dead march”    The  agony of a country.

“E’ arrivata la bufera,è arrivato il temporale. Chi sta  bene,chi sta male e chi sta come gli par..”

Another smashing song performed  by  R.Rascel, the storm is coming.

Atonal  screaming                             G.Falcone, P.Borsellino, G.Impastato, P.La Torre, P.Puglisi..all the  anti-mafia heroes: forgotten ghosts.

“Fatti  mandare dalla  mamma a prendere il latte..”   (In)Famous 60’s pop song performed  by G.Morandi: sinistra cogliona..

”With these  politicians Left Party cannot win!” N.Moretti

Atonal  screaming                             Shame and pain. Once again.
1969,December 12th.  Bombing in Piazza Fontana, Milano: 17 dead,88 wounded. Starting from this day  the terror strategy.

2001,July 20th. During the G8 Summit, in Genova, the killing  of C.Giuliani, a    dismal scenario of  torture and violence.
“Uno!”  Hit a high note, hard rock singer style

Atonal  screaming

All  those dead bodies..
“Boom!”                                          A  shot, the next one.

“20-9-70…….19-4-43”  Whispering          Back to our roots. Distant hopes?

1870,September 20th.Breccia di Porta Pia: Italian army  finally ending centuries-old clergy  dominion on Rome.

1943,April 19th. A.Hofmann wrote, for the first time, about  lsd experiments. Back to the meaning of life: man isn’t a robot.
“Free your mind, your ass will follow”  G.Clinton
Le note inglesi (o glocal)sono le didascalie perfette per  descrivere un panorama huxleyiano. Spariscono la politica,la socialità,  simbologie del Novecento, sostituite da una visione biologica del mondo.  L’unico passepartou per comprenderlo è il surrealismo e il desiderio: nulla  realmente esiste, tutto è liquido e indifferente. “Propaganda Due” è una nuvola  temporalesca che poi evapora e si trasforma. Non è definita, non si scopre,  muta forma ed evade nel vento. Ma non ha una conclusione.
2  Maggio 2008


About “Propaganda Due” recording on “L’Ombra di  Mezzogiorno”album:
2006, July  11th: vocals performance(a sunny day..).
Using a  Neumann M149 microphone with a Yamaha SPX 90 effect.
2006,  December 12th: mixing.







La sola maniera di rimanere sani in Italia è quella di dare  i numeri.


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