A long time ago – during the late Eighties and the Nineties – Simone Basso was the vocalist and frontman of several post-HC (JWTJ) and industrial metal (Der Tod) bands.

Since the year 2000 Enomisossab is a one man project about voice and body.
Glossolalia, overtones, phonetics, vocal poetry, popular chants, blues, scat, grunting, etc.

In more than twenty years he’s performed in a lot of venues: contemporary music festivals, art museums, concert halls, clubs.
Singing in one of the most exclusive – and forbidden – places in Europe, La Scarzuola (Terni), and playing with Andy Rivieni’s modern phantasmagoria “Carne” (“Flesh”) at the Italian Experimental Cinema Festival in Rome.

“Burattini, burattinai. E corde.” (“Puppets, puppeteers. And strings.”), a pièce with Elisa Spagone, dancer, and other stuff…

The extended vocals as the first (and last) form of literature.

In 2022, the end of a tetralogy, with “O”.


“Rosso” 2004 / not on label

“L’Ombra Di Mezzogiorno” 2008 / ANTS

“La Merce Perfetta” 2012 / Complus Events

“Kykeon” 2016 / Edison Box

“O’Er The Land  Of The Freaks” feat. Fabrizio Naniz Barale 2019/ Toten Schwan

“O” 2022 / Edison Box