Pix by Luca Giordana



“My times – my wild beast,

Who will dare to look into your eyes

And to weld with his blood

The severed vertebrae of two centuries?

But your spine has been smashed forever,

My beautiful, pitiful age,

And grimacing dumbly

You now you look back, freebly,

A beast once supple and lithe,

At the tracks left by your pawns.”

Osip Mandel’stam (1918)


100 years ago, just like today and tomorrow, producing art must be ahead of our times.

We have to read and occupy the future because the present, caught in a web, is only a digital lie.

“O’er the land of the freaks” is about sound, vision and biology.

A film for the ears, literature made of chords and vocal harmonies.

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